At First Steps we desire to join with parents as we begin the first steps of a preschoolers walk with God. In all areas of our preschool ministry we seek to minister to the whole child - physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

We offer Connection Group, Extended Teaching Care, Gopher Buddies, Preschool Choirs, and for special events we have Team Kids.

Through all these events we focus on eight concepts:

  1. God - We remind preschoolers that God loves them.
  2. Jesus - God loves preschoolers and sent Jesus for him/her.
  3. Bible - A very special book. Preschoolers learn age appropriate Bible stories and
    Bible verses.
  4. Creation - God made all things for preschoolers to enjoy.
  5. Family - God planned for families.
  6. Self - God made him/her special.
  7. Church - A happy place to be.
  8. Community and World - We remind preschoolers the Jesus loves all children around
    the world.

We offer a secure, clean area for our preschoolers.  We love joining parents in the special fun preschool years.  We ask that you join us by volunteering once a month so you too will have a time to experience preschool life at church.