Connection Groups

Connecting all Generations to Jesus, one person at a time, for Worship, Community & Service.

Preschool - 6 wks to kindergarten
Located in the Hudson & Percy Ray Building
Judy Russell - Preschool Director
6 Wks-Crawling (Baby Blue) H101 J. & L. Gay, G. Lloyd, D. Gauvin
Crawlers (Yellow) H103 M. and T. Taylor
One A (Blue) H107 R. Cloer
Two A (Red) H111 K. Coleman
Two B (Teal) H114 T. Rivers, J. Russell, L. Williams
Three A (Grape) R101 K. Hughes, S. Randle, E. Vanderburg
Three B (Lime) R103 L. Arrington, C. Brown
Four A (Tangerine) R102 P. Helton, C. Elmore, H. Lobb
Four B (Raspberry) R104 M. Duke, M. Houze
Five A (Turquoise) R201 S. Coleman, S. Hunter
Five B (Cobalt) R204 C.  and L. Scott
Children -  Grades 1 - 5
Located in the family life center
Carol Dasher - Children's Director
1st Grade A F111 K. & L. Chason
1st Grade B F113 R. Fussell, J. Russell, K. Nolan
2nd Grade A F115 A. & J. Bennett
3rd Grade Boys F108 K. & L. Huntley, J. Rivers
3rd Grade Girls F116 A. Bessent, M. & C. Youngblood
4th Grade Boys F119 B. Bessent, S. Duke, T. Cloer
4th Grade Girls F118 B. Dean, B. Gracey
5th Grade Boys A F121 S. & C. Abramowich, C. Eidson
5th Grade Boys B F110 D. Sepeda
5th Grade Girls  F112  K. Costley, M. Miracle, C. Sepeda
Youth - Grades 6 - 12
Located in the family life center annex
jason lynch - youth pastor

Chris Tipton & Lori Hays - Middle School Directors

6th Grade Guys FLCA228 D. McGinley
6th Grade Girls FLCA227 L. Hays, S. Berlin, M. Hall
7th Grade Guys FLCA229 C. Tipton, C. Smith
7th Grade Girls FLCA224 V. Eidson, V. Bradford
8th Grade Guys FLCA230 G. Humphries, D. Smith
8th Grade Girls FLCA223 P. Humphries, K. Hubel

Greg Norton & Hayley Tipton - High School Directors

9th Grade Guys BR101 D. Lang, K. Goff
9th Grade Girls BR105 T. Lang
10th Grade Guys BR102 G. Norton
10th Grade Girls BR107 M. Wing
11th Grade Guys BR103 T. Wing, R. Hays
11th Grade Girls BR109 K. McGinley
12th Grade Guys BR106 M. Gandy, E. Hubel
12th Grade Girls BR108 D. Gandy
Young Adult - Ages 18 - 44
Located in the coker building
ryan frontz - young adult pastor
College Men C201 B. Bessent
College Women C209 M. Henry, T. Lewis
Fusion (Age 20's) C204 R. Frontz
The Gap (Guys, ages 23-32) C201 M. Lacey, M. Carver
The Gap (Ladies, ages 23-32) C202 A. Frontz, T. Burnett
Grace (Single Moms ages 20-39) C207 T. Anderson, D. Carver, L. Lacey
Shine (Ages 30's) C203 J. Phillips
Median Adult - Ages 45 - 64
Located in various buildings
bob barton - median adult pastor
5 Crowns A111 K. Morbach, L. Senter
Anchor B201 J. Phillips
Gabriel C110 J. Williams
Great Commission C102 Bob Barton
Harmony A200 D. Morris
Hope & Glory (Women) B301 C. Collins
In Christ Alone (Singles 40-49) FLCA123 D. & C. Grabill
Joshua FLCA121 K. Barry, L. Stone
Living Stones (Men) FLCA220 J. Howell
Psalm 150 FLCA120 B. Hall
Renewed Heart B102 B. Berry
Rock Solid A131 R. Miracle
Truth Seekers (Woman) C106 T. Clary
Unity for Christ (Singles 50-59) B101 J. Collins
senior Adult - Ages 65+
Located in various buildings
ray mayfield - senior adult pastor
Agape Teachey M. Palmquist
Ambassador B302 J. Ganci
Barnabas/Faith T108 L. Thomson, J Gibbs
Disciples (Men) C109 J. Wright
Evangel C101 B. Thomas
Friendship T110 R. Mayfield
Hallelujah C104 T. Campbell, R McSwain
Hannah (Women) C108 S. Wright
Heaven Bound T106 D. Allen
Hope (Women) T104 P. McSwain
Hosanna T103 L. Teasley
Joy C105 G. Ross
Men's 1 (Men) A132 J. Andrews, B. Bulmer
Miracle Love T109 F. Mastin
True Deliverance (Women) T112 L. Greenaway
Victory T102 A. Parker, L. Hiener

Let the message about the Messiah dwell richly among you, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, and singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, with gratitude in your hearts to God. 
Colossians 3:16