Zacchaeus' Story

04.15.18 | by Keith Russell


    TODAY IS APRIL 15. I am thinking of the Bible’s most notorious tax collector. You know him. You know his song. You even know the motions to the song! If you have forgotten, his name is Zacchaeus and his story is recorded in Luke 19:1-10. It is a great story! Let me remind you of some things.

    JESUS CAME TO THE TOWN where Zacchaeus lived. He lived in the city of Jericho. It is located about 15 miles northeast of Jerusalem and about 5 miles west of the Jordan River. The name means “city of palms.” The Jewish historian, Josephus, called it a little paradise. However, it was the home to murderers and thieves. Zacchaeus was a thief! The passage says that Jesus “passed through Jericho”. This was not His first time to pass through Jericho, but it was His last.

    JESUS CAME TO THE TREE where Zacchaeus watched. A large crowd gathered in the streets to get a glimpse of Jesus. Since Zacchaeus was “little of stature” he could not see over the crowd. So, he ran ahead of the crowd and climbed up a sycamore tree to see Jesus. Grown men do not usually climb trees (unless it’s deer season). Jesus saw Zacchaeus and called him down from the tree. He came down from that tree so fast that the bark has been slick on a sycamore tree ever since!

    JESUS CAME INTO THE HEART of Zacchaeus that day. How do I know? Because of what Zacchaeus said. He said, “Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor”. How do I know? Because of what Jesus said. He said, “This day is salvation come to this house”. This was the day a tax collector got saved!

    HERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS! Jesus has come to your town today. Jesus is passing by where you sit today. Jesus is willing to come into your heart today. However, this may be the last time He passes by and calls your name. He is saying to you, “Hurry up. Come down. I’m going home with you today”.