Who Are You Bringing?

01.21.18 | by Keith Russell

Who Are You Bringing?

    WHO ARE YOU BRINGING to Westside on Super Sunday? Two weeks from today, February 4, we will celebrate Super Sunday. Our Super Sunday celebration will not be determined by who is playing in the Super Bowl later that day. To a large degree, our Super Sunday celebration will be determined by whether YOU bring someone with you on Super Sunday.

    YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BRING SOMEONE if you plan to be here yourself. Super Sunday is not a day to be at Disney, the mountains, the beach, or just stay at home to get ready to watch the Super Bowl. This is a day for you to be here! If you do not plan to be here, you will not bring someone with you.

    YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BRING SOMEONE if you open your mouth and invite someone. Say something like this, “February 4 is Super Sunday in my church. Would you be my super guest?” Not everyone you invite will come, but if you invite enough people, someone will come!

    YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BRING SOMEONE if you invite someone you already know. It’s good to invite the waitress at the restaurant, the cashier at the drive through, etc., but they are not likely to come. The person who is most likely to come is the person you already have a relationship with, i.e., your work associate, your classmate, your neighbor, your family member, etc.

    YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BRING SOMEONE if you have a real burden to see lost people saved. Who do you know who needs a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you have a burden to see that person get saved? That’s who you focus on! That’s who you invite! That’s who you pray for! That’s who you bring with you to Super Sunday!