Welcome to Super Sunday!

02.04.18 | by Keith Russell

Welcome to Super Sunday!

    WELCOME TO SUPER SUNDAY! This is a day I always look forward to. It is one of the greatest days at Westside each year. It is a day of super fellowship, super Bible study, and super worship. If this is your first time to celebrate Super Sunday at Westside, I welcome you and thank you for coming! I pray that all of you have a Super Sunday. Here are some suggestions:

    BE A PARTICIPANT, NOT A SPECTATOR. Worship is not a spectator sport. You are not at a stadium, but a Worship Center. You are not sitting in your recliner, but in a church pew. You are not watching the service on television, this is live! So, whether you are sitting on the bottom floor, the side wings, the balcony, or the choir loft, participate in the worship.

    BE A HEARER, NOT A DOZER. The sounds of worship are wonderful. Hear the instruments as they play. Hear the choir as they sing. Hear the Bible as it is read. Hear the sermon as it is preached. Worship is not the place to doze off and wake up at the end of the service wondering what you missed. God has something to say to you so wake up and perk up your ears, this is going to be super!

    BE A RESPONDER, NOT AN IGNORER. Worship calls for a response. Ask yourself, “What does the Lord Jesus want me to do?” When the sermon is over, the worship has just begun! It’s not time to head for the exits, it’s time to head for the altar. Nothing is more dangerous than ignoring the call of God. Nothing is more glorious than responding to the call of God!