Welcome to Super Sunday!

02.03.19 | by Keith Russell

Welcome to Super Sunday!

    WELCOME TO SUPER SUNDAY! Super Sunday is an annual event at Westside. It is one of the highlights of the year. Our goal is for everything about the day to be super! “Super” means above, beyond, or extraordinary. I thank you for spending your morning with us and I hope you will spend a little bit of your afternoon with us too.

    I WANT TO WELCOME our Super Guests, Greater Vision! This gospel group has been a blessing to God’s people for many years. Many of their songs are some of my favorites: “My Name is Lazarus”, “He’d Still Been God”, “I Know a Man Who Can”, “So Much God”, and many more. They are going to sing two songs during our Super Morning Worship Service and will be featured in our Super Concert at 1 p.m. We will receive a love offering for them during the Super Concert. You don’t want to miss this concert!

    I WANT TO WELCOME all our Super Guests today. Some of you are here because you received a personal invitation from one of our members or you heard one of our ads on the radio. Or, perhaps you just drove by and saw the church sign announcing Super Sunday. Regardless of why you came, I am glad you did! Ordinarily, I have a Pastor’s Guest Reception immediately following the Morning Worship Service, but that will not be possible today because of the Super Lunch. However, I would still love to meet you personally and thank you for coming. So, following the service I will be standing in the center aisle at the back door. Please come by and introduce yourself.

    I WANT TO TELL YOU about another great day that is not very far away. On Sunday, March 3, we are going to have two great services with two great preachers. On Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m., Dr. Jerry Vines will bring the morning message. Dr. Vines is retired, but he is still one of the finest preachers you will ever hear. On Sunday evening at 6 p.m., Dr. Gary Williams will bring the evening message. Dr. Williams is Senior Pastor of Hopewell Church in Mandarin.