Welcome to Labor Day

09.02.18 | by Keith Russell

Welcome to Labor Day

    WELCOME TO LABOR DAY weekend at Westside! I’m sure that some of our church family are not here today. Some people use this weekend as a last chance to get away for a few days. It’s kind of the unofficial ending of summer. I’m also sure that many of our church family are here. The most important thing is that the Lord is here and that we worship Him!

    IMPACT BEGINS NEXT WEEK! IMPACT is a six-week Connection Groups emphasis that will help us impact our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It will take all of us laboring together for that to happen! What kind of labor? I’m glad you asked!

    THE LABOR OF PRAYER. We began 40 days of prayer on August 1, for IMPACT. I hope you have participated. I believe in prayer. I believe that God moves when His people pray. I believe that great things can happen when God’s people pray. So, pray for IMPACT!

    THE LABOR OF OUTREACH. IMPACT has some goals that will not be reached unless we are active in sharing our faith and inviting people to our church. For example, we want to have 1400 different people attend our Connection Groups during IMPACT. We want to have 80 first time guests during IMPACT. We want to enroll 50 new members to our Connection Groups during IMPACT. We want to see at least 30 life- changing commitments made for Jesus Christ during IMPACT. None of those goals will be reached if we do not reach out to people!

    THE LABOR OF FAITHFULNESS. You need to be here for all six weeks of IMPACT. You need to be “all-in”. You are unlikely to be doing the labor of outreach if you do not plan to be here! I challenge each of you to be faithful to your Connection Group during the next six weeks. For a few of you that’s no big deal, but for many of you it will be a huge deal. Try it, and see what God does.