Welcome to Heroes' Day

09.09.18 | by Keith Russell

Welcome to Heroes

    WELCOME TO HEROES’ DAY! This is a special day we have observed each year since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. On that day, terrorists attacked our nation. On that day, brave men and women put their lives in danger to rescue those who were in danger. So, today we salute and honor those in our community who put on a firefighter’s uniform or a police uniform to keep us safe. Thank you!

    IMPACT BEGINS TODAY! What is IMPACT? It is a six-week emphasis that will challenge our Connection Groups to make an IMPACT on our community for the kingdom of God. How are we going to do that? First, we have been praying for 40 days for God to move mightily during these six weeks. Second, we are going to “spotlight” every age-group during the next six weeks: Children and Median Adults on September 16, Preschool and Young Adults on September 23, Middle School and Mature Adults on September 30, High School and Senior Adults on October 7, and all age groups on October 14. Third, we have set some goals that we are going to be working toward: 1400 unique people to attend during the six weeks, 80 first time guests, 50 new members, and at least 30 life-changing decisions made for Jesus.

    THE IMPACT SPOTLIGHT for next Sunday, September 16, is on Children and Median Adults. I am calling upon our entire church family to pray for and look for children (grades 1-5) and Median Adults (ages 40-59) you can invite to attend a Connection Group next Sunday. This is all of us, working together! You don’t have to be a child or a median adult to invite someone to attend. Everyone knows someone who they can invite. Children can invite their classmates at school. Adults can invite their friends from work. All of us can invite our neighbors or people we meet in our daily walk. That’s how it works. Everyone gets involved. That’s how we make an IMPACT!

    CHOIRS BEGIN TONIGHT! We will have choir practice today for preschoolers, children, and young people at 5 p.m.