Welcome to August

08.05.18 | by Keith Russell

Welcome to August

    WELCOME TO AUGUST! August means camps and mission trips are over. August means school is about ready to start. August means summer vacations are about over. August means fall is not far away. August means…it’s time for me to buy my wife an anniversary gift! But that’s another story. In case you haven’t noticed, August is on my mind!

    WESTSIDE CARES: SCHOOL EDITION happens on August 10th. For the last several years we have been helping parents who need help buying backpacks and school supplies for their children. You are encouraged to get involved! All you have to do is purchase a backpack and supplies and drop them in the receptacle in the Mall. On Friday, August 10, we will give them to those who need them when they come to our Family Life Center. It is a way for us to be a blessing by supplying physical needs, with the hope of being a blessing by presenting the gospel.

    PROMOTION DAY happens on August 12th. Since our Connection Groups are age graded, this is the day for you to promote to the next age level. It’s an exciting time for preschoolers, children, and students; not so much for adults! However, it is a good practice for all ages. On this day we present Bibles to the Kindergartners who are promoting into 1st Grade. We will also have a Gideon here to share a brief word about how they are distributing Bibles all over the world!

    TEACHER APPRECIATION happens on August 19th. This is the day we recognize those who teach in public schools, private schools, or who homeschool. We will have a special time of prayer for all of them! This will be a good day for you to invite a teacher to come to WBC.

    A JUMBO SHRIMP GAME is happening on August 31st, and Westside is going to the ballgame! You can purchase a ticket and enjoy a Friday night of baseball and fireworks. When the tickets go on sale, you will want to grab yours early. This will be the last Friday night game of the season, and I’m guessing that there will be a large crowd. It will be a great way to close out August!