Welcome Dr. John Sullivan

06.10.18 | by Keith Russell

Welcome Dr. John Sullivan

    IT IS ALWAYS A JOY to welcome Dr. John Sullivan back to Westside! He and his wife, Nancy, have been friends to Westside for many years. Dr. Sullivan served as the Executive-Director Treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention for many years and now he serves on the staff of First Baptist Jacksonville. I know you will pray for him and be blessed by him today. Welcome, Dr. Sullivan!

    THANK YOU FOR CELEBRATING 50 years of preaching the Word with me last Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! While the celebration started last Sunday, it has continued this week, and will end tonight. So, let me tell you where I am and what I have been doing.

    I PREACHED AT ELK CITY, OKLAHOMA, last Wednesday night. I pastored the First Baptist Church there for five years before coming to Jacksonville in 1997. Not far from Elk City is Sentinel (where I was born), Burns Flat (where I was saved), Dill City (where I was called to preach), and Custer City (the first church I pastored). We invited those churches to come, as well as all the churches from two Baptist associations in the area. My longtime friends Jerry Billingsley and Bill Green led the music. It was a wonderful night of preaching and praise!

    I PREACH AT FLETCHER, OKLAHOMA, this morning. I pastored this great church for nine years, from 1978-1987. Fletcher will always have a special place in my heart for many reasons, not the least of which is that’s where we were when we adopted our children, Jeremy and Keisha. The pastor there, Rodney Campbell, heard I was going to be in the area and asked me to preach.

    I WILL PREACH AT ANADARKO, OKLAHOMA, this evening. I pastored the First Baptist Church there from 1987-1991. Anadarko is not far from Fletcher (see above) and Amber, where I pastored from 1974-1978. We have invited those two churches, as well as all the churches from three Baptist associations in the area to come. My friends Jerry Billingsley and Randy Presley (you may remember him) will lead the music. It will be another great night of preaching and praise!

    I WILL PREACH AT WESTSIDE next Sunday morning! I look forward to sharing a message with you that I call, “This Blood’s for You.” See you soon!