We Have Work to Do

04.08.18 | by Keith Russell

We Have Work to Do

    I WANT TO THANK THE LORD for a wonderful Easter Weekend! It was busy, but it was great. On Friday night it was incredibly hard to walk out of the building while Jesus was still in the grave. On Saturday morning it was encouraging to see so many children having a good time and hearing the gospel. On Sunday morning, well, Sunday morning it was exciting to see Jesus come out of that grave…twice! Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Westside for a wonderful weekend.

    WE HAVE WORK TO DO. Over 200 families registered at the Easter Eggstravaganza. Many of them are not connected to any church. During the Connection Group hour there were almost 50 people who were either first time or repeat visitors. We also had many guests for the two worship services and the largest crowd to ever attend the Pastor’s Guest Reception. It is now our job to contact all of these people for the purpose of thanking them for coming and sharing Jesus with them.

    WE HAVE WORK TO DO and the organization to do it; it’s called Connection Groups! There is no ministry in our church that is better equipped to do the work than the Connection Groups. Our Connection Groups are age-graded and there were guests in every age group. I am challenging every director and every teacher to find out who the guests were in your age group and contact them, and the sooner the better. The old saying, “strike while the iron is hot” is true. These people need to be contacted while the message of Easter is still warm in their hearts.

    WE HAVE WORK TO DO and it is a divine mandate. Taking the whole gospel to the whole world is not a suggestion, but a command! It’s not an option, but an obligation. This will be the easiest contact you will ever make; these people have already shown an interest in the gospel and they have already been on our property! If we don’t reach out to those who have already visited us, God may not send us more guests. So, as the old song says (and I do mean old), “To the work, to the work…"