These Are Exciting Days

04.28.19 | by Keith Russell

These Are Exciting Days

    THESE ARE EXCITING DAYS AT WESTSIDE! Last Sunday morning we met for the last time in our Worship Center as it was moved into in December of 1989. On Monday morning the renovation began. The pews that welcomed those who sat to hear the Word of God were removed. The carpet beneath the pews was exposed to show the wear from the footsteps of thousands of worshippers who stood to sing praises to the Son of God. The carpet in the aisles was stained by those who were moved by the Spirit of God to walk to the altar to pray or make a commitment to Christ. Oh, if those faded pews and that stained carpet could talk, the stories they could tell of lives changed!

    THESE ARE EXCITING DAYS AT WESTSIDE! Today we are meeting for the first time in the Family Life Center for worship. A lot of work has been done over the last few days and weeks to get ready for this day. A platform has been built, chairs have been purchased, lighting has been enhanced, the ceiling has been repaired, the sound system has been set up, the air conditioning has been repaired, the Children’s Connection Groups and Children’s Worship have been moved to The Bridge Building, classrooms around the FLC have been re-purposed, a camera has been purchased so we can live stream the service to the overflow crowd in the Teachey Chapel, and much more.

    THESE ARE EXCITING DAYS AT WESTSIDE because our God is not confined to a building! He can be worshipped in a tent, a synagogue, a temple, a house, a brush harbor, a worship center, a chapel, or a gymnasium! He can be praised from a pew or a chair. His Spirit can call a person to walk down a carpeted aisle or a wooden basketball floor. He can change a life anytime and anywhere. So, on this first Sunday of the renovation, whether you are in the FLC or the Teachey Chapel, worship Him with all your heart!