The Danger of

09.30.18 | by Keith Russell

The Danger of

    AN ARTICLE CAME ACROSS MY DESK recently that got my attention. It was written by an evangelist and it was written to pastors. The subject was the dangers older pastors face (now you know why it got my attention!). It challenged me, and I think it may challenge some of you. I have adapted it to include more than just pastors. I call it, “The Dangers of Old Age for Christians.”

    THE DANGER OF COASTING. The older you get, the more tired you get, and you tend to coast to the finish line. Whether it’s preparing sermons, studying lessons, rehearsing a song, passing out bulletins, or whatever you do for the Lord. There’s no place worth going that you can coast to!

    THE DANGER OF GROWING WEARY. It’s easy to forget the vision or stop dreaming for the future. When that happens, you are just going through the motions. You can be at church and in your place, but you are not giving your best to the Master.

    THE DANGER OF LOOKING BACK. All of us have things we wish we had done better or differently. However, it is useless to look back and say, “What if” or, “If only.” That kind of thinking produces toxic guilt that causes you to lose focus on today.

    THE DANGER OF AVERSION TO CHANGE. I recently heard a preacher say that “change” is a curse word to many Senior Adults. We (I am one!) tend to like things to stay as they are! However, change is inevitable. We must be open to change, especially if it will advance the gospel.

    THE DANGER OF FAILING TO STAY CURRENT. I confess that I struggle here. Things are changing so fast that it is hard for me to keep up. But, it is never good to quit reading and stop learning. The past is a wonderful place to visit, but it is a terrible place to live. We must live in the real world of today.

    THE DANGER OF BECOMING NEGATIVE AND CRITICAL. Okay, in full disclosure, I added this one, but it’s a good one! It’s easy to become critical of everyone and everything as you get older. When that happens, people tend to avoid you. If you have found people avoiding you…you’ll figure it out!