Thank You

02.11.18 | by Keith Russell

Thank You

    LAST SUNDAY WAS SUPER! Thank you for praying. Thank you for coming. Thank you for inviting. Thank you for worshiping. Thank the Lord for the way He blessed us! You did your part and God certainly did His. I sensed His presence when I sang with the congregation and preached His Word. Church is always super when Jesus shows up…and He did!

    DR. JERRY VINES WILL BE OUR GUEST next Sunday morning, February 18. Dr. Vines has been gracious enough to spend a day with us each year for the last several years. He always comes well prepared. He always preaches the Word. He is always a blessing to us. We want to be a blessing to him, so we will receive a love offering for him during the service. His coming will be another opportunity for us to invite people to come to Westside who do not know Jesus as their Savior. Who do you know? Will you invite them? If you will, it could change their eternity!

    ALMOST THREE YEARS AGO we began a capital campaign called ReNew. The goal was to raise enough money to make some much needed improvements to our facilities. The projects were to upgrade the Worship Center (WC) sound system, erect a portico, remodel the Teachey Chapel, build a soccer/flag football field for the children’s recreation ministry, remodel the WC with new pews, carpet and lighting, remodel the WC restrooms, upgrade the broadcast cameras, and pave the parking lot. I am pleased to report that many of those things have been done because of your generous giving to ReNew! However, there are some things that are yet to be done. So, I am going to ask you to renew your giving to ReNew. We will celebrate all that God has done through ReNew on March 4. I will ask you to renew your giving to ReNew on March 11 & 18. You can make a one-time gift, an 18-month pledge, or both.

    SOME OF YOU WERE NOT MEMBERS of Westside three years ago, but you are now. This will be your opportunity to learn more about ReNew and to decide how much you can give to the ReNew capital campaign.