Super Sunday is Coming!

01.27.19 | by Keith Russell

Super Sunday is Coming!

    SUPER SUNDAY IS COMING! Next week we will celebrate another Super Sunday at Westside. We have celebrated Super Sunday every year since 1997. It has become one of the greatest days of the year. However, Super Sunday will not be super unless all of us do our part to make it so. Let me ask you to do the following things this week.

    PRAY. I always begin with this because it is the right place to start. Nothing great for God is ever accomplished apart from prayer. If you were here for the 60th Anniversary of our church on January 6, you heard former pastor, Dr. Harold Hudson, say that Westside was built on prayer. I am asking you to pray every day for Super Sunday.

    VISIT. In my heart, Super Sunday has always been a special evangelistic event. I see it as an opportunity to invite lost people to come to Westside. Over the years that is what has happened. People come because someone invited them. This Saturday we are having Super Brunch/Visitation at 10 a.m. Brunch will be served in the Family Life Center. After brunch, we will go visiting for Super Sunday.

    WITNESS. This is the Year of Evangelism and I am preaching a series of messages on personal evangelism. This is a great week to practice what we preach! We have printed some cards for you to give to those you witness to that has all the information about Super Sunday on it. Hand them out like water!

    COME. You will not be excited about Super Sunday if you don’t plan to be here! Super Sunday is what I call a RED LETTER DAY in our church. That simply means: don’t miss this day! And, plan to attend all the Super Sunday activities: Super Connection Groups, Super Morning Worship, Super Lunch, and the Super Concert with our Super Guests, Greater Vision.

    SUPER SUNDAY IS COMING! Who is going to be your Super Guest?