ReNew Our Worship Center

03.10.19 | by Keith Russell

ReNew Our Worship Center

    THE WORSHIP CENTER we meet in every Sunday morning will soon be 30 years old. Our ReNew emphasis calls for the Worship Center to be remodeled. The remodeling will begin Monday, April 22. This means that we will need to worship elsewhere for about three months. Here is the plan.

    THE FAMILY LIFE CENTER (FLC) will become our Worship Center. “Family Life Center” is a fancy name for a gymnasium!
    It is the multi-purpose building that houses Children’s Connection Groups, Children’s Worship, Wednesday Night Supper, and a host of activities. The plan is to make the FLC as worship friendly as possible. We will build a platform, get some comfortable chairs, and add several other amenities to make it comfortable. It is going to be “home” for a while!

    THE FAMILY LIFE CENTER is not large enough to accommodate our Morning Worship attendance. It will seat approximately 400 people. On a typical Sunday morning we have about 900 people in the Worship Center. So, beginning Sunday, April 28, we are going to have two morning worship services, in the Family Life Center with the overflow in the Teachey Chapel. The plan is to do what we did last Easter. We will have an Early Worship Service at 8 a.m., followed by Connection Groups at 9:30 a.m., and a Late Worship Service at 10:45 a.m. The Early Service and the Late Service will be identical, i.e., same music and same sermon. The only difference is there will be no Preschool Child Care or Children’s Worship during the Early Service.

    I HAVE ENCLOSED A SURVEY in today’s bulletin that I would like for every family to complete. The survey asks which worship service you plan to attend. I would encourage those of you who are “early birds” to come to the Early Service. I would encourage those of you who have preschoolers and children to attend the Late Service. Your participation in the survey will aid us in planning how to accommodate the crowd.

    THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES for our church! This is going to challenge us and stretch us. This is going to move us out of our comfort zone. The key word is going to be “flexible.” Those who are flexible will not get bent out of shape!