Pslam 126:6

01.13.19 | by Keith Russell

Pslam 126:6

    THIS IS THE YEAR OF EVANGELISM at Westside. Our emphasis is on sharing the gospel with those who need to be saved. Our theme verse is Psalm 126:6, “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” It is sometimes called, “The Soulwinners Psalm.” Proverbs 11:30 adds, “he that winneth souls is wise.”

    GET YOUR HEART READY. Ask God to give you an opportunity to talk to someone about Jesus. Begin each day by praying something like this, “Lord, place someone in my path today who has not placed their faith in Jesus and give me boldness to speak to them about You.”

    GET A GOSPEL BOOKLET. My favorite booklet is the Eternal Life booklet that I recently gave to every person in attendance. DO NOT JUST LEAVE IT ON A TABLE FOR SOMEONE TO READ. Although that is not bad, that is not how the booklet was designed to be used. Read it to someone! If the person you read it to does not receive Jesus, then you can leave it with them.

    GET SOME GOSPEL BUSINESS CARDS. These can be given to someone on the run or left on a table. Get some “You’re Invited” cards. Get some “Life and Death” cards. Get some “TrueLife.org” cards. All of these are good. Hand them out like water!

    GET YOURSELF PREPARED. Learn how to share your personal testimony in three minutes or less. Learn a gospel presentation like the Roman Road, the FAITH Outline, the Evangelism Explosion Presentation, etc. It is good to know what to say when God gives you an opportunity to share your faith!

    GET SOMEONE ON YOUR HEART. Ask God to give you a name. It may be a family member, a neighbor, someone you work with, or go to school with. Pray for that person, go to that person, weep over that person, share God’s Word with that person, and rejoice when that person comes to faith in Christ!