Perilous Times

10.15.17 | by Keith Russell

Perilous Times

    HARVEY, IRMA, MARIA, LAS VEGAS, AND NATE. In recent weeks, our nation has been hit by one storm after another. Not to even mention the storm brewing in the NFL or the fires in California! I’m reminded of the words of Paul, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come” (2 Timothy 3:1). “Perilous” means difficult, dangerous, furious, or hard to bear. That sure seems to describe our day!

    I MADE A VISIT LAST MONDAY EVENING. The conversation turned to the events of our day. One of the men I was visiting with remarked that surely the return of the Lord was near.

    I RECEIVED A NEWSLETTER FROM AN EVANGELIST last Tuesday. The opening paragraph recounted how he had been asked more times than any other in his ministry if he thought the Lord was coming soon. He replied, “I sure hope so!”

    OF COURSE, NOBODY KNOWS the day or the hour when the Lord will return. God did not put us on the Planning Committee for His return. He put us on the Preparation Committee! That is, our business is to do all we can to get people ready for His return.

    WE HAVE MANY OPPORTUNITIES to reach people for Jesus in the coming weeks and months:
         • Every day is an opportunity to talk to people about Jesus;
         • Every Sunday is an opportunity to teach, sing, and preach about the saving power of Jesus;
         • Judgement House (October 23-27) is an opportunity to bring people to hear about Jesus;
         • Fall Festival (October 31) is an opportunity to bring people to hear about Jesus;
         • Harvest Day with Junior Hill (November 19) will be an opportunity to invite people to hear about Jesus;
         • Jacksonville Christmas Celebration (December 8-10) is an opportunity to bring people to hear about Jesus.

    THESE ARE GREAT DAYS for telling people about Jesus. Hearts are troubled. Hearts are hungry. Hearts are empty. Let’s do all we can and tell all we can before the trumpet sounds and it is eternally too late!