Our Mission Statement

02.24.19 | by Keith Russell

Our Mission Statement

    LAST SUNDAY MORNING I wrote about the church Mission Statement in this space. The Mission Statement says, “Connecting all generations to Jesus one person at a time, for worship, community, and service.” Every word in that statement is important, but I want to highlight two of them today; worship and service.

    WORSHIP IS IMPORTANT. Everybody needs to worship. We were made to worship. If we do not worship Jesus, we will worship someone or something. Something is wrong in the heart of a believer who has no desire to worship. There is nothing you can do in the church that will take the place of worship. At this time, there are two opportunities for worship at WBC; Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. and Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. When the renovation begins on the Worship Center in late April, we will add an early worship service to the Sunday morning schedule.

    SERVICE IS IMPORTANT. Everybody needs to find a place of service. God saved us to serve, not to sit! Not everyone can teach a class, sing a song, or play an instrument, but everyone can do something. It is not right, fair, or even Christian for some people to have to serve all the time when there are so many people who do not serve at all. It is true that many hands make for light work! Serving helps your church and serving helps you. Nothing is as rewarding as serving the Lord through His church.

    I NEED YOUR HELP. No, your church needs your help! When I say “church”, I mean people. There are some people in our church who rarely or never get to worship because they are constantly serving! Some people who serve in the Preschool Ministry and Children’s Ministry are there every Sunday morning from 9:30 a.m. (actually before) until 12 p.m. (actually after). These people need your help! When you don’t serve, they don’t worship. Question: Would you be willing to serve once a month to allow someone who is serving to also have an opportunity to worship? I thank you in advance!