It's Time for Judgement House

10.22.17 | by Keith Russell


    IT’S TIME FOR JUDGEMENT HOUSE! Judgement House is a special evangelistic event designed to reach lost people for Jesus. It is a walk-through drama that depicts life, death, judgement, and eternity. Each year the drama changes, but the message does not. Through the years, God has used this simple event to change hearts, lives, families, and eternities. Let me ask you to do the following:

    PRAY FOR JUDGEMENT HOUSE. There will be spiritual warfare this week! You can mark it down: someone will get upset about something; someone will say a discouraging word; someone will be critical of our church (it may even be a church member). Judgement House exposes the devil and he does not like that. So, prepare to do battle on your knees for souls.

    ATTEND JUDGEMENT HOUSE. Tonight is Westside night. We are inviting Senior, Mature, and Median Adults to come tonight. We cannot invite everyone because there are just too many. Come to the Family Life Center where you will register and be put in a group. We ask for a $3 donation, but nobody will be turned away who cannot pay. Young Adults and Students are encouraged to come during the week. Remember, you must be 12 years of age or older to attend!

    INVITE PEOPLE TO ATTEND. All of us know people who do not know Jesus as their Savior. We are advertising with yard signs, flyers, radio, Facebook, etc., but nothing is as good as a personal invitation. Invite a lost friend and volunteer to attend with them. Invite a different friend every night of the week! God could use you to change somebody’s eternity this week.

    HELP US CLEAN UP. On Friday at about 9 p.m. Judgement House 2017 will be over. That’s when the cleanup begins! Sets have to be taken down. Classrooms have to be set up. Carpets have to be vacuumed. Sometimes we are here until midnight trying to get everything back in order for Sunday services. If you have the gift of “helps” we could use your help on Friday night.