It's Christmas Eve

12.24.17 | by Keith Russell


    IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! According to Webster an eve is “the period just prior to some event.” An eve is a day of anticipation and expectation. The next day is the big event, but the eve is the day that you know you are at the edge of something BIG that is about to happen. So, today is the day that we anticipate the next day, Christmas Day, the birthday of our Savior! So, welcome to Christmas Eve at Westside!

    IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE so sing with all your might! Christianity is a singing religion and the music of Christmas is wonderful. In 2010, I preached a series of messages called, “The Songs of Christmas.” There was Mary’s song, Zachariah’s song, the Angel’s song, and Simeon’s song. Christmas is a time for singing! There are Christmas songs playing on the radio and at the Mall. Our church sings Christmas songs the month of December. Lift your voice and sing today!

    IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE so give your very best! Christmas is a celebration of God giving the world a Savior. The most familiar verse in all the Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” (John 3:16). We give because He gave. I encourage you to give generously to your church so we can tell the story of Jesus. I encourage you to give generously to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering so our missionaries can tell the world about Jesus. When the offering plate passes you, give!

    IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE so worship with all your heart! When Jesus was born the shepherds came to Bethlehem to worship the Christ child. A couple of years later, the wise men came from the east to worship Him. This is your opportunity to worship Him. For at least a few minutes, forget about your plans for today and tomorrow, and focus on Jesus. He is worthy of your praise!

    IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE so tell someone about Jesus! When the shepherds left the stable they told everyone what they had seen and heard. When you leave this place today, look for someone you can talk to about Jesus. Why? Because the only way to really have a Merry Christmas is to personally know the Christ of Christmas!