It's a New Day at Westside

09.08.19 | by Keith Russell


    IT’S A NEW DAY at Westside Baptist Church! Today we are back in our Worship Center for the first time in over four months. Let me thank you for your faithfulness and sweet spirit during these days of transition. In the years to come, I believe you will look back with fondness over the summer of 2019. Fondness or not, they are certainly days you will never forget!

    IT’S A NEW DAY in our Worship Center. As you look around today you will see many changes. Many of those changes you will immediately love. Some of those changes you will grow to love! It is your faithful giving to the ReNew Fund that has enabled us to make the renovations. I thank you for giving and encourage you to keep giving. As many of you know, there are a few ReNew projects that are not yet done; the repaving of the parking lot comes to mind. As you continue to give and as others begin to give, we will be able to complete all the ReNew projects in a timely manner.

    IT’S A NEW DAY for our Connection Groups. Connection Groups are our small group Bible studies that meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Over the next six weeks all age groups will be highlighted, beginning next Sunday, September 15, with the Preschool Division. We have set some goals for the next six weeks: (1) Every Connection Group is challenged to average at least one more person per Sunday than they did the previous year; (2) We want to enroll at least 25 new members in Connection Groups; (3) We would like to see at least 15 people saved and baptized. Those are not unreachable goals! However, they will not be reached unless every member works to help us reach them.

    IT’S A NEW DAY also has some long-term goals. One, we would like to begin six new units (classes) by the end of the year. New units require new workers and that could be YOU! Two, we would like to emphasize distributing the “You Are Invited” cards on the first Sunday of each month. Hopefully, that becomes a habit! Three, we are going to do some Prayer Walks through various neighborhoods. Prayer not only changes things, prayer changes people!

    IT’S A NEW DAY will be nothing more than a slogan unless you are all-in for the Lord and His church. As we move in to our renewed Worship Center, it is also a good to day to make a renewed commitment to our Lord and His church.