Ingredients of Growing Churches

03.11.18 | by Keith Russell

Ingredients of Growing Churches

    ALMOST SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, John Bisagno, longtime pastor of the First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, published an article called The Five Ingredients of Growing Churches. He reported the information that was gathered from the 25 fastest-growing churches in America by Adrian Rogers, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, and Ed Young Sr., pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston. Each of the fastest-growing churches had these ingredients.

    THEY WERE STRONGLY LED BY THEIR PASTORS. They were not led by boards, deacons, elders, or committees. It was not leadership that was demanded, but leadership that was deserved and granted by the people.

    THEY WERE STRONG BIBLE CHURCHES. Each pastor believed the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant Word of God. They did not spend their time defending the Bible, but preaching it, explaining it, applying it, and illustrating it. When asked why he did not spend more time defending the Bible, Billy Graham replied, “The Bible is like a lion. When you have a lion, you don’t have to defend him. Just turn him loose, and he will defend himself.”

    THEY WERE CHURCHES IN UNITY. The people gave a high priority to their oneness in Christ. Although there was diversity in the churches, there was a sweet harmony because of Jesus Christ.

    EACH CHURCH HAD AN INDOMITABLE SPIRIT OF CONQUEST. There was a “holy driven-ness” about the congregation. They were not satisfied. The churches pulsated with a desire to cross the next river, climb the next mountain, give the next dollar, build the next building, and win the next soul. They would not be deterred!

    SIXTEEN YEARS LATER those five ingredients still work! It starts in the pulpit and it flows to the pew. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep your heart pure. Keep your feet fulfilling the Great Commission. Keep your chin up and knees down, till Jesus comes again!