10.21.18 | by Keith Russell


    WE BEGAN “IMPACT” SIX WEEKS AGO. Our goal has been to make an IMPACT in our community for the Kingdom of God through our Connection Groups. We have tried to do that by inviting people of all generations to attend one of our Connection Groups. We have had four goals: 1400 unique people, 80 first time guests, 50 new members, and 30 commitments to Christ. Now that IMPACT is over, let me share with you the results, and please remember, numbers never tell the whole story!

    WE HAD A GOAL of having 1400 unique people attend our Connection Groups.  That is, we wanted to have at least 1400 different people in attendance.  If you came all six weeks that is wonderful, but we only counted you once!  At the end of IMPACT, we had 1348 unique people attend a Connection Group at least once.  We fell short of the goal, but not by much!

    WE HAD A GOAL of having 80 first time guests attend our Connection Groups.  We cannot grow our Connection Groups if we do not have new people coming.  I encouraged you to pray and invite people to attend.  We actually exceeded this goal the week before IMPACT ended.  At the end of IMPACT, we had 97 first time guests!

    WE HAD A GOAL of enrolling 50 new members into our Connection Groups.  Enrollment is important!  People are much more likely to return if they are a new member, rather than a guest.  Enrollment determines attendance; the larger the enrollment, the larger the attendance.  At the end of IMPACT, we had enrolled 50 new members!  Nailed it!

    WE HAD A GOAL of seeing 30 people make decisions for Christ.  That could be deciding to get saved, join the church, get baptized, etc.  That is the most important number!  We want people to attend our Connection Groups so they can hear the gospel and make decisions for Jesus.  At the end of IMPACT, we can rejoice because 31 people made commitments to Jesus Christ!

    WE CAN REJOICE in what God has done through IMPACT.  Let’s celebrate the victories as we continue to IMPACT our community with the gospel!