I'm Looking for a Church

04.29.18 | by Keith Russell


    I HOST A GUEST RECEPTION every Sunday at the close of the Morning Worship Service in the Fellowship Hall. Many of those who attend will say something like this, “We are church shopping”. They may be new to our city and in search of a church home. They may be longtime residents of our city and feel the need to find a new church home. The question I sometimes ask is, “What are you looking for?” Of course, the answers vary from person to person. Here are some common responses:

    “I AM LOOKING FOR A CHURCH that has something for everyone in my family.” That response makes sense to me. Why would you join a church that has nothing for your children? Finding a church home is kind of like shopping for a new house; you want a house that will accommodate everyone in the family. Westside tries to provide for all generations.

    “I AM LOOKING FOR A CHURCH where I can make friends.” Everybody needs friends! I wrote on this page last week that most people are not looking for a friendly church as much as they are looking for friends. The best place to make friends at Westside is in a small group Bible study that we call Connection Groups. Many have made lifelong friends by attending a Bible study every Sunday morning.

    “I AM LOOKING FOR A CHURCH that has good music.” By that, some people mean the old hymns. Still others mean the new contemporary songs. Honestly, I’m not sure what some people mean by that. Personally, I like different kinds of music, but it is “good music” to me if it lifts up Jesus, is easy to sing, and is done well. At Westside, we have good music!

    “I AM LOOKING FOR A CHURCH that preaches the Bible.” I made that one up! Most people don’t say that. However, that should be the CENTRAL thing to look for in shopping for a church. More important than the music, the ministries, the friends, or anything else is the preaching of the Word of God. It is my goal each Sunday to “preach the Word”.