I Was Proud!

10.28.18 | by Keith Russell

I Was Proud!

    I WAS PROUD LAST SUNDAY! The Gaither Vocal Band came to Westside and brought over 1500 people with them. For the uninformed, that’s a bigger crowd than we typically have on a Sunday night! Not only did they come, but they came early. Some were here before 3 p.m. for a concert that would not start until 6 p.m. And, it was not over until 9 p.m. Why was I proud? I was proud of my church!

    I WAS PROUD OF OUR FIRST TOUCH MINISTRY. “First Touch” has five facets: (1) Portico/Parking Lot; (2) Greeters; (3) Welcome Center; (4) Ushers; and (5) Security. I have never seen so many people dropped off under the portico. Our golf carts have never put so many miles on them, shuttling people from the parking lot to the Mall. The doors opened at 5 p.m. and our greeters and ushers were in place to make people feel welcome and find their seats. Our security was all over the place watching the parking lot during the three-hour concert and helping people exit the parking lot safely. There may be some things we could have done better, but, all in all, our First Touch ministry did a super job!

    I WAS PROUD OF OUR MEDIA MINISTRY. When the Sunday morning worship service was over, they went to work. They removed the orchestra instruments, stands, microphones, cables, etc. They hooked the Gaither’s sound equipment into our sound system. They had it all ready for the singers and musicians to do their sound checks by 4 p.m. While many of us were home resting, napping, or watching football, they were working.

    I WAS PROUD OF OUR STAFF. Some of our staff worked on this concert for weeks, if not months. There were a lot of behind the scenes stuff that had to be done. Parking spaces were reserved for the motor coaches and equipment vehicles. Signs were made to give people directions. A meal was prepared for the Vocal Band and their guests. I’m sure I am leaving out a lot of stuff, but you get the idea. There was a lot of planning that went in to making it night to remember!

    I WAS PROUD OF EVERYONE! That’s my “catch-all” statement. I cannot list everyone or everything that was done, but everyone did a great job!