Harvest Sunday

11.05.17 | by Keith Russell

Harvest Sunday

    ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, we are going to have a perfect storm! Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a hurricane. I’m talking about an opportunity to impact a large number of people for Jesus. Sunday, November 19, is Harvest Day. Two things are going to happen that will make this a perfect storm.

    FIRST, JUNIOR HILL WILL BE HERE. Many of you know Junior, love Junior, and look forward to hearing Junior. Junior is an evangelist from Hartselle, Alabama. He is Southern Baptist’s most beloved evangelist. He has been coming to Westside every other year for several years. The last time Junior was here he was 79 years of age. This time he will be 81 years of age! Junior has preached over 1800 revivals and seen hundreds of people come to Christ. God has gifted him with the unusual ability to call people to trust Jesus as their Savior. When lost people hear Junior preach a simple gospel message, they are drawn to Jesus. That’s exciting to me!

    SECOND, WE ARE SERVING A THANKSGIVING MEAL. Immediately following the morning service, we are going to serve turkey & dressing with all the trimmings to everyone who comes. The goal is to invite as many people as possible to join us to hear Junior preach and enjoy a wonderful meal. There are many people who you know who do not know Jesus. There may be people who you know who will not have a nice Thanksgiving type meal on Thanksgiving Day. This is an opportunity to bless our lost friends, neighbors, and family members with the gospel and a gobbler! If we bring lost people, Junior will preach the gospel, and many of the lost will be saved. It will be a perfect storm!

    LET ME CHALLENGE YOU to help make this the best Harvest Day ever. First, be here! This is not a day to go somewhere or just stay at home. Second, bring someone! Invite everyone you know who needs Jesus and/or a good meal. Third, pray! When prayers go up, power comes down. Fourth, give. The meal is being catered for $5 a plate. Give enough to pay for you, your family, and someone else. We are not going to turn anyone away and we do not want any guests to pay.