Happy New Year

12.30.18 | by Keith Russell

Happy New Year

    I HOPE YOU HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for attending the annual Christmas Eve Service last Monday evening. I thought it was a wonderful service that celebrated the birth of our Savior. Also, I want to express my thanks for those who prepared the refreshments and provided the music for the Reception and the Worship Service. You were a blessing to all of us!

    I WANT TO WELCOME DR. JOHN SULLIVAN back to Westside today. Dr. Sullivan and his wife, Nancy, have been friends of Westside for many years. Dr. Sullivan formerly served as the Executive-Director Treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention, and now serves on the staff of First Baptist Church Jacksonville Downtown. My cousin who lives in Dallas and watches our services online once said, “That Sullivan guy really can preach.” I told him, “Yeah, I’ve been working with him!” Those of you who have heard Dr. Sullivan before, know he is a great preacher of the Word. Those of you who have not heard him before are in for a treat. I know all of you will pray for him and hear him gladly today. Welcome, Dr. Sullivan!

    NEXT SUNDAY IS THE DAY that we will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Westside Baptist Church. Sixty years ago, the Woodstock Park Baptist Church began a mission on the corner of Fouraker Road and Herlong Road that was called Woodstock Park Baptist Chapel. The name was changed to Normandy Village Baptist Chapel in 1959. The name was changed again in 1977 to Westside Baptist Church. The church relocated to 7775 Herlong Road in 1980. God has graciously and gloriously blessed this church over the last sixty years. Next Sunday, January 6, 2019, we will celebrate with two great services. On Sunday morning our theme will be, “Sixty Years of Preaching the Word.” On Sunday evening our theme will be, “Sixty Years of Singing the Gospel.” Our special guests will be former staff members Harold Hudson and Jim Law. Invite your friends to join us for a great day of celebration!