Going Forward

02.17.19 | by Keith Russell

Going Forward

    THE THEME OF THE ANNUAL STAFF RETREAT last September was, “Going Forward.” The goal was to look at where our church is now and make plans to help the church go forward (which is always better than going backward!). After much prayer and discussion, we came up with some things that needed to be done. One of those was to adopt a Mission Statement for our church.

    THE MISSION STATEMENT we came up with is, “Connecting all generations to Jesus one person at a time, for worship, community, and service.” The first part of that statement may sound familiar because it has been our church motto. The motto was good, but incomplete.

    THE MISSION STATEMENT reflects what we value as a church. We value evangelism: “Connecting all generations to Jesus one person at a time” is evangelism. We desire to see people of all generations to be saved. We value worship: “For…worship” calls upon every member to attend and participate in giving praise to Jesus. We love to worship! We value community: “For…community” encourages every member to get involved in a small group Bible study that we call Connection Groups. That’s where you meet people and make friends. We value service: “For…service” means that we expect every member to find a place of service. God did not save you to sit, but to serve. If we will all do those four things, it will help our church go forward!

    THE MISSION STATEMENT presents an opportunity to ask every member four questions at any time:

    1. Who are you trying to connect to Jesus?
    2. Which worship service do you attend?
    3. What Connection Group are you a part of?
    4. Where are you serving?

    How did you do? Some people can give a good answer to one, two, or even three of the questions. The goal is to be able to give a good answer to all four. I hope you will join us in “Going Forward.”