God's Plan for Sharing

10.08.17 | by Keith Russell


    I ATTENDED A CONFERENCE in 1991 called “Special Evangelistic Events”. It was hosted by the Home Mission Board (now called the North American Mission Board) of the Southern Baptist Convention. The conference was led by Thad Hamilton, who preached at Westside once several years ago. At our recent Staff Retreat, I talked to our pastors about Special Evangelistic Events by asking and answering a few questions.

     WHAT ARE THEY? They are events designed to reach lost souls for Jesus. Churches have used Special Evangelistic Events for years. Protracted Meetings, Vacation Bible School, Revivals, Crusades, etc. are all special evangelistic events.

    WHY HAVE THEM? They are biblical: Jesus used meals to gather a crowd so He could preach the gospel; Paul gathered crowds in a synagogue, by a river, or on Mars Hill to preach the gospel. They attract people: They are like multi-colored flags or an inflatable gorilla on a used car lot; people are event oriented. They are effective: People will attend an event who may not ever attend a Sunday Worship Service.

    WHERE DO YOU HAVE THEM? You can have them anywhere...in a church building, a parking lot, or a football field.

    WHEN DO YOU HAVE THEM? You can have them on a Sunday, a holiday, or coincide with a community event.

    I TOOK ONE THING AWAY from that conference. The second paragraph on page 20 said, “One exciting Halloween event is Judgement House. This is a Christian alternative to Halloween and the notorious haunted house. People see the dramatization of their death and judgement”.

    JUDGEMENT HOUSE 2017 will take place October 23-27.