God & Country Day

07.01.18 | by Keith Russell

God & Country Day

    WELCOME TO GOD & COUNTRY DAY! This is the day we celebrate our great God and the nation we are privileged to call home. I’m glad you are here to celebrate this morning and hope you will join us at Diamond D Ranch as we celebrate this evening. You will find directions to the ranch and a list of the evening activities in your bulletin insert.

    I BELIEVE IN CAMP. When I was a child I attended camp at Southwest Baptist Assembly in southwest Oklahoma. I still remember sleeping on a cot, eating in the cafeteria, climbing the surrounding mountains, and worshipping in the open-air tabernacle. Our camp for children will be June 9-12 at the Lake Swan Campground. This camp is for children who have completed grades 2-5.

    I BELIEVE IN CAMP. When I was a student I attended camp at Falls Creek Baptist Assembly in southern Oklahoma. Falls Creek is the largest youth camp in the world. I still remember attending classes in the pavilions, hiking to what was called “the devil’s bathtub”, and worshipping with 5,000 other students in the open-air tabernacle. Our camp for students will be July 30-August 3 at the Lake Yale Campground. This camp is for students who have completed grades 6-12.

    I BELIEVE IN CAMP. I believe that every parent ought to make sure their child or student attends camp. I believe that every child and student ought to encourage their friends to attend camp. I am thankful for a church that provides scholarships for those who need financial assistance to attend camp. God does some awesome things at camp!

    THIS IS FAMILY WEEK at Westside. That means there will be no evening activities this week so you can spend some extra time with your family. Enjoy the week and enjoy the 4th of July!