Easter is Coming

03.25.18 | by Keith Russell

Easter is Coming

    EASTER IS COMING! Next Sunday, April 1, will be Easter Sunday. We will have our annual Passion Service on Friday and our annual Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday, but on Sunday we will celebrate Easter with two identical Morning Worship Services. Here are a few suggestions:

    DO NOT PARK IN THE GUEST PARKING SPACES. There are two of them: one in the front parking lot near Herlong Road and one in the back parking lot north of the pond. All of the spaces are clearly marked. Members of our First Touch Ministry will be stationed in both places to welcome those who are guests.

    DO PARK AWAY FROM THE BUILDINGS if you are physically able to walk a long distance. This will allow those who are latecomers and those who cannot walk a long distance to have the closer parking spaces. The grass parking area on the south side of Herlong will also be open and available.

    DO BE HELPFUL TO ALL GUESTS. First time guests often have a difficult time knowing which building to go to for Connection Groups or the Worship Service. Although our First Touch Ministry will be there to assist them, anyone can give them directions or escort them to the proper location.

    DO NOT LEAVE THE FRONT ROWS OF THE WORSHIP CENTER EMPTY. Fill up the front rows and sections first! Save the back rows for those who come in late. Those who come in late are often guests and we do not want to make them come to the front to find a seat.

    DO BE FRIENDLY TO EVERYONE! Those who are attending a church for the first time are always happy to see a smiling face and hear a cheery, “Hello”! Westside has a reputation for being a friendly, welcoming place, but let’s go over the top next Sunday.

    DO ATTEND THE EARLY SERVICE IF YOU CAN. Having an early service is not a necessity, but it does give another option. I am praying for two great worship services on Easter Sunday!