Easter in September

08.11.19 | by Keith Russell

Easter in September

    EASTER IN SEPTEMBER. Huh? That’s what I’m praying for and working for on the day we move back into our renovated Worship Center. Easter is the most exciting day of the year. The attendance is huge. The Connection Group rooms are filled. The worship service is electric. Everyone is excited to worship the risen Lord! That is my dream for Celebration Sunday, the first day back in the Worship Center. However, I know that dreams are not easily realized. Here is what I am asking you to do:

    PRAY FOR EASTER IN SEPTEMBER. Prayer changes everything. An old song says, “Something’s gonna happen like the world has never known, when the people of the Lord get down to pray. Doors are gonna swing open and walls come tumbling down, when the people of the Lord get down to pray.” I believe that! You believe that! Now is the time to get down on our knees and pray.

    VISIT FOR EASTER IN SEPTEMBER. 86% of people surveyed said that they are likely to attend a worship service if someone invited them. Bingo! That puts the ball squarely in our court. I have a plaque that says, “Ain’t hardly nobody been saved what ain’t been went after.” Now, that’s terrible English, but that’s great theology! The truth is, somebody went after you and somebody went after me. It may have been your parents. It may have been someone who left you a “You’re Invited” card. It may have been someone who rang your doorbell on a night of church visitation. It is time for you to invite people to come to your church.

    ATTEND FOR EASTER IN SEPTEMBER. I know that some of you plan your calendar months in advance and you may have a conflict. However, most of you can and should be here for Celebration Sunday. If we are going to truly have Easter in September, this will have to be “no excuse Sunday” for members of Westside. There will be two great services on this day: Morning Worship at 10:45 a.m. and Evening Worship at 6 p.m. Following the evening service, we will go across the street and have an all church fellowship at the new concession stand!

    WHAT IS THE DATE FOR EASTER IN SEPTEMBER? Sunday, September 8. You don’t want to miss Easter in September!