Church Attendance is Declining Part 2

03.01.20 | by Keith Russell

Church Attendance is Declining Part 2

    CHURCH ATTENDANCE IS DECLINING. On January 19, I referenced an article called, “10 Reasons Why Church Attendance is Declining.” Last Sunday, I referenced an article by a sportswriter in Oklahoma who wrote about the declining attendance in all public arenas; sports, movies, concerts, church, etc. Not long ago I wrote what I called, “A Response to Declining Church Attendance.” What I wrote was not published…until now. Here are some of my thoughts:

    RAISE THE BAR.  Rather than expecting less out of God’s people, we should expect more.  I heard recently of a coach who said to his star player, “I need more out of you!”  The star player took the challenge and start giving more!  I would like to say to every member of Westside, “God needs more out of you.”  The writer of Hebrews did NOT say, “Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the less, as ye see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25).  No!  He said, “and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”  The day is approaching, and God needs more!

    MONITOR ATTENDANCE.  The best way to keep up with attendance is through Connection Groups.  If someone misses a Sunday, they should get a text or email that says, “I missed you.”  If someone misses two Sundays in a row, they should get a phone call that says, “I missed you.”  If someone misses three Sundays in a row, they should have someone knocking on their front door!  An organized Connection Group will have Care Group Leaders who are assigned to a small group of people to monitor their attendance and minister to their needs.  Everybody likes to know that somebody cares about them!

    REACH NEW PEOPLE.  Every organization will decline if it does not reach new people.  New people bring excitement and energy to a church.  New people have family members, friends, and neighbors who need Jesus.  The best way to reach new people is through personal invitation; not facebook, not snapchat, not twitter, not text message, ad infinitum.  Folks, we are surrounded by people who do not know Jesus and do not attend any church.  There is no excuse for Westside to decline in attendance! 

    EVERY SUNDAY MATTERS.  Every Sunday, Connection Group leaders have prepared to teach God’s Word.  Every Sunday, musicians have rehearsed great music.  Every Sunday, your pastor has prepared a message from God’s Word.  Every Sunday, Jesus has promised to meet with us (Matthew 18:20).  Every Sunday matters; not just Super Sunday, not just Easter Sunday, not just Mother’s Day, etc.  Every Sunday you miss, you miss a blessing God had in store for you!