Challenging Days!

03.22.20 | by Keith Russell

Challenging Days!

    THESE ARE CHALLENGING DAYS! How is that for an understatement? The COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, has changed the way we do life. Schools are closed. Restaurants have gone from dine in to take out or delivery. The sports world has shut down. Social distancing is the new normal. Grocery stores have empty shelves. And churches, well, churches are trying to figure out how to do church in a different way.

    THE CHALLENGE OF CONNECTION GROUPS.  Connection Groups are the life-blood of our church.  It’s in a Connection Group that you meet people and make lifelong friends.  It’s in a Connection Group that you share prayer requests.  It’s in a Connection Group that you hear the Word of God and interact.  The truth is, right now we are physically Disconnected Groups.  Now, more than ever, it is critical for Connection Groups to be well organized.  It is crucial that Care Group Leaders take care of their small group of members.  I encourage you to regularly contact your members to encourage and minister to them.

    THE CHALLENGE OF MORNING WORSHIP.  Worship is crucial to the life of a believer.  It is in worship that we praise the Lord together.  It is in worship that we hear the Word of God together.  It is in worship that we encourage one another, sharpen one another, and encourage one another.  However, right now we are not able to assemble together because of the social distancing mandate.  The best we can do is to worship together via the internet every Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m.  Every service is live.  Every sermon is new.  I encourage you to watch every Sunday!

    THE CHALLENGE OF GIVING.  The Coronavirus has stopped us from meeting, but it has not stopped our budget needs.  Your giving to the General Fund and the ReNew offering is needed now more than ever.  You can give online by going to the church website at wbcjax.com and following the prompts or you can mail or bring your offering by the church office during regular office hours.  Please do not wait until we are able to meet in person again to catch up with your offering!

    THE CHALLENGE OF EVANGELISM.  Honestly, this is the challenge that disturbs me most.  People are still lost without Christ.  People are still dying every day.  The call to be a witness still applies.  Please don’t be silent and please don’t grow stagnant.  People are looking for a word of hope and we have that word: Jesus!  Talk to someone about Jesus.  Invite someone to watch our service online.  We are still trying to connect people to Jesus, even while we are disconnected from each other!