Celebrate ReNew

03.04.18 | by Keith Russell

Celebrate ReNew

    THREE YEARS AGO we began a capital campaign called ReNew. Today we come to celebrate what God has done through the sacrificial giving of His people over the last three years. As I write this, God’s people have given over $1.4 million to ReNew. As a result, we have been able to make some much needed improvements to our facilities. As the old song says, “To God be the glory, great things He hath done!”

    NEXT SUNDAY MORNING we will launch Renew ReNew. We are calling it Commitment Day. I am asking those of you who have been giving to ReNew for the last three years, to renew your commitment to give. You can participate in two ways. First, we are going to receive a love offering next Sunday for ReNew. Every dollar that is given will go toward completing the projects on our ReNew “to do list.” Second, we are going to receive pledges for what you plan to give to ReNew over the next 18 months. Again, everything you give over the next 18 months to ReNew will go directly to completing the projects. For some of you, it is easier to give a love offering. For others of you, it is easier to give over a period of time. Some of you may be able to do both! Please pray earnestly about your level of giving and come prepared to give your offering and make your pledge next Sunday. If you cannot do that next Sunday, we will be delighted to receive your offering/pledge the following Sunday, March 18. On Easter Sunday, April 1, I plan to announce the total amount that has been given and pledged toward Renew ReNew.

    DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME begins next Sunday! Historically, it is a difficult day for church attendance. I pray that 2018 will be the exception at Westside! Every member should make every effort to be here. Get plenty of rest this Saturday and come Sunday morning ready to give your best to Jesus and worship Him with all your heart. After, all, He gave His best for you!