After the Storm

09.17.17 | by Keith Russell

After the Storm

    HURRICANE IRMA MADE A VISIT TO FLORIDA and did a lot of damage. As I write this (September 13) power is still out in a lot of places, water and debris are still blocking roadways, and much cleanup is still going on. Let me give a brief recap of events over the last week.

    WE DID NOT MEET last Sunday morning. As far as I know, most churches in the city did not meet. We were able to do a live broadcast on the church website and Facebook page. Although we had power at the church, I think it was wise to not try to meet. I hope many of you were able to watch the broadcast.

    WE DID NOT MEET last Wednesday night. I don’t know what other churches did because I still do not have internet service at my house or church. Again, I think it was a wise thing to do. Although I am at church today, we don’t have water, phone service, or internet service. I called for this to be “a day of prayer and care.” Prayer for our city and state. Care for our neighbors and friends. It is a good time to “be Jesus” to those who live around us.

    IT HAS BEEN DIFFICULT to minister to our people during the storm. Unfortunately, people still die and get sick when a hurricane comes. Although our staff has tried to take care of these needs, we may have missed some. If so, I deeply apologize.

    MY MESSAGE LAST SUNDAY on the website and Facebook page broadcast was from Matthew 14:22-33. The title was “Rest in the Midst of the Storm.” When the storm was over, the text says, “Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him.” That’s what we have come to do today! The storm is over and it is time to worship Jesus. Worship Him with all your heart today!