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    After the Storm

    09.17.17 | by Keith Russell

    HURRICANE IRMA MADE A VISIT TO FLORIDA and did a lot of damage. As I write this (September 13) power is still out in a lot of places, water and debris are still blocking roadways, and much cleanup is still going on. Let me give a brief recap of...

      Labor Day Weekend

      09.03.17 | by Keith Russell

      WELCOME TO LABOR DAY WEEKEND! It is the last holiday weekend of the summer. It is the first weekend of September. It is the last weekend of the current Sunday morning schedule. Changes are coming next Sunday morning! I know I have said it several...

        Spiritual Disciplines

        08.27.17 | by Keith Russell

        I AM READING AGAIN a wonderful book by Donald S. Whitney called, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. Dr. Whitney defines Spiritual Disciplines as “those practices found in Scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the...

          Changes Are Coming

          08.20.17 | by Keith Russell

          CHANGES ARE COMING! Three weeks from today, September 10, we will make some changes. I never have believed in changing things just for the sake of change. I do believe there needs to be a good reason to change. And, I believe there are some good...

            Promotion Day

            08.13.17 | by Keith Russell

            WELCOME TO WESTSIDE! Every Sunday at Westside is special, but this one is especially so for several reasons.