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    07.09.17 | by Keith Russell

    SUMMER IS HERE!  I know that is not a revelation to you.  It is July.  Independence is in our rearview mirror.  It is hot.  It is muggy.  It is vacation time.

      God & Country Day

      07.02.17 | by Keith Russell

      WELCOME TO GOD & COUNTRY DAY! I know that many of you look forward to this day every year.  Why?  Because you love our God and you love our country, and it is a rare treat to get to celebrate both on the same day! 

        VBS 2017

        06.18.17 | by Keith Russell

        VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL will begin tomorrow morning!  VBS is for boys and girls who were born before August 31, 2012, through the 5th Grade.  VBS will meet this Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until noon.

          Southern Baptist Convention

          06.11.17 | by Keith Russell

          THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION annual meeting will be this week in Phoenix, Arizona.  Messengers from churches from all across America will gather to hear reports, conduct business, hear soul-stirring music, and be challenged from God’s Word. 

            Class of 2017

            06.04.17 | by Keith Russell

            CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 2017! Each year we take the time to recognize and celebrate members of our church who are graduating from high school.