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    Merry Christmas!

    12.23.18 | by Keith Russell

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! If you are a child, you thought Christmas would never get here. If you are a Senior Adult, you are wondering how it got here so fast! Regardless of your outlook, Christmas will be here in two days. As we prepare to close out 2018...

      It's Almost Time for Christmas!

      12.16.18 | by Keith Russell

      IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been “making a list and checking it twice.” I have a list of people to give presents to. I have a list of places I’m supposed to be and things I’m supposed to do. I have a list of...

        Westside is Having an Anniversary

        12.09.18 | by Keith Russell

        WESTSIDE IS HAVING AN ANNIVERSARY! That’s right, Westside Baptist Church will soon be 60 years old! Our church was founded on the fourth Sunday of December in 1958. That means our church will be 60 years old on Sunday, December 23rd. Since...

          We Are a Southern Baptist Church

          12.02.18 | by Keith Russell

          WE ARE A SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH. One of the many things that means is that we cooperate with other churches of like faith to take the gospel to the world. I want to use this space today to give a little information on how we do that. Although...

            Christmas is Coming!

            11.25.18 | by Keith Russell

            CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Thanksgiving is in our rearview mirror and Christmas is in the front windshield. Last week in this space, I wrote about many of the things that will happen at Westside as we celebrate Christmas. However, I left one out. Next...