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    Seven Dangerous Love Affairs

    07.22.18 | by Keith Russell

    SEVERAL YEARS AGO (back in the 80’s) I preached a sermon titled, “Seven Dangerous Love Affairs”. It was a very topical sermon. My text was I John 2:15-17. I ran across the old outline last week and thought I would share it with you today.

      I Like to Fish

      07.15.18 | by Keith Russell

      I LIKE TO FISH. My grandfather took me fishing when I was a boy and I was hooked (pun intended)! However, sometimes I get busy and don’t take time to fish. Such has been the case in recent years. A couple of weeks ago I took my grandson fishing and...

        July is Vacation Month

        07.08.18 | by Keith Russell

        JULY IS VACATION MONTH for many people. Some people go to the beach, some go to Disney, some go to the mountains, etc. I know the hour is late, but if you are looking for somewhere to go or something to do, let me make a suggestion. How about...

          God & Country Day

          07.01.18 | by Keith Russell

          WELCOME TO GOD & COUNTRY DAY! This is the day we celebrate our great God and the nation we are privileged to call home. I’m glad you are here to celebrate this morning and hope you will join us at Diamond D Ranch as we celebrate this evening...

            VBS/VBX 2018 is History

            06.24.18 | by Keith Russell

            VBS/VBX 2018 IS HISTORY. It was a great week of Bible study and fun for all who came! My thanks go out to all the workers who made VBS/VBX happen. I said last week that VBS is a big deal at Westside. If you had been here last Monday morning at 9...