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    There is a Difference

    03.31.19 | by Keith Russell

    THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between April 21 and April 28 (besides the obvious). April 21 is Easter Sunday. April 28 is Renovation Sunday. Although there are some similarities between the days, there are also some differences. The April 21 schedule is...

      Welcome to Spring!

      03.25.19 | by Keith Russell

      WELCOME TO SPRING! I like spring. I like the warmer weather. I like getting outside to work in the yard. I like the sound of a baseball popping in a glove or cracking (not pinging!) on a bat. I like pretty much everything about spring except the...

        Easter is Coming!

        03.17.19 | by Keith Russell

        EASTER IS COMING! On Sunday, April 21, we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with two morning worship services. They will be the last services in the Worship Center before the renovation begins. I am praying they will be services we...

          ReNew Our Worship Center

          03.10.19 | by Keith Russell

          THE WORSHIP CENTER we meet in every Sunday morning will soon be 30 years old. Our ReNew emphasis calls for the Worship Center to be remodeled. The remodeling will begin Monday, April 22. This means that we will need to worship elsewhere for about...

            Welcome Dr. Jerry Vines

            03.03.19 | by Keith Russell

            WELCOME TO WESTSIDE and welcome to March! Today is going to be an exciting beginning to an exciting month. March is a great time to march to church!