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    Welcome Dr. Jerry Vines

    03.03.19 | by Keith Russell

    WELCOME TO WESTSIDE and welcome to March! Today is going to be an exciting beginning to an exciting month. March is a great time to march to church!

      Our Mission Statement

      02.24.19 | by Keith Russell

      LAST SUNDAY MORNING I wrote about the church Mission Statement in this space. The Mission Statement says, “Connecting all generations to Jesus one person at a time, for worship, community, and service.” Every word in that statement is important...

        Going Forward

        02.17.19 | by Keith Russell

        THE THEME OF THE ANNUAL STAFF RETREAT last September was, “Going Forward.” The goal was to look at where our church is now and make plans to help the church go forward (which is always better than going backward!). After much prayer and...

          Another Super Sunday!

          02.10.19 | by Keith Russell

          ANOTHER SUPER SUNDAY has come and gone. Thank you for praying. Thank you for visiting. Thank you for coming. I also want to thank those who prepared and served the Super Lunch. It was a super day! Greater Vision did a super job all day long. Once...

            Welcome to Super Sunday!

            02.03.19 | by Keith Russell

            WELCOME TO SUPER SUNDAY! Super Sunday is an annual event at Westside. It is one of the highlights of the year. Our goal is for everything about the day to be super! “Super” means above, beyond, or extraordinary. I thank you for spending your...