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    I'm Looking for a Church

    04.29.18 | by Keith Russell

    I HOST A GUEST RECEPTION every Sunday at the close of the Morning Worship Service in the Fellowship Hall. Many of those who attend will say something like this, “We are church shopping”. They may be new to our city and in search of a church home...

      A Startling Statement

      04.22.18 | by Keith Russell

      I READ A STARTLING STATEMENT just the other day. It said, “Studies show that 82% of newcomers who join will leave the church in their first year”. That’s a BIG number! The article I was reading went on to say, “The first six months are critical...

        Zacchaeus' Story

        04.15.18 | by Keith Russell

        TODAY IS APRIL 15. I am thinking of the Bible’s most notorious tax collector. You know him. You know his song. You even know the motions to the song! If you have forgotten, his name is Zacchaeus and his story is recorded in Luke 19:1-10. It is a...

          We Have Work to Do

          04.08.18 | by Keith Russell

          I WANT TO THANK THE LORD for a wonderful Easter Weekend! It was busy, but it was great. On Friday night it was incredibly hard to walk out of the building while Jesus was still in the grave. On Saturday morning it was encouraging to see so many...

            Welcome to Easter Sunday

            04.01.18 | by Keith Russell

            WELCOME TO EASTER SUNDAY at Westside Baptist Church! For almost 60 years, this church has been a lighthouse on the Westside of Jacksonville. It is our mission to connect all generations to Jesus Christ, one person at a time! Through our worship...