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    Changes Are Coming

    08.20.17 | by Keith Russell

    CHANGES ARE COMING! Three weeks from today, September 10, we will make some changes. I never have believed in changing things just for the sake of change. I do believe there needs to be a good reason to change. And, I believe there are some good...

      Promotion Day

      08.13.17 | by Keith Russell

      WELCOME TO WESTSIDE! Every Sunday at Westside is special, but this one is especially so for several reasons.

        Hello August

        08.06.17 | by Keith Russell

        WELCOME TO AUGUST! I’m actually six days late with that greeting, but this is my first opportunity to say it. Although the month is only six days old, it has already been a busy month!

          Washington DC

          07.16.17 | by Keith Russell

          I HAVE JUST RETURNED from a fun-filled week in Washington D.C.  Our Student Pastor, Todd Hickox, asked a while back if I would go with him and some students to Student Life University 201.  He thought his “patriotic pastor” would enjoy it.


            07.09.17 | by Keith Russell

            SUMMER IS HERE!  I know that is not a revelation to you.  It is July.  Independence is in our rearview mirror.  It is hot.  It is muggy.  It is vacation time.