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    We Have Work to Do

    04.08.18 | by Keith Russell

    I WANT TO THANK THE LORD for a wonderful Easter Weekend! It was busy, but it was great. On Friday night it was incredibly hard to walk out of the building while Jesus was still in the grave. On Saturday morning it was encouraging to see so many...

      Welcome to Easter Sunday

      04.01.18 | by Keith Russell

      WELCOME TO EASTER SUNDAY at Westside Baptist Church! For almost 60 years, this church has been a lighthouse on the Westside of Jacksonville. It is our mission to connect all generations to Jesus Christ, one person at a time! Through our worship...

        Easter is Coming

        03.25.18 | by Keith Russell

        EASTER IS COMING! Next Sunday, April 1, will be Easter Sunday. We will have our annual Passion Service on Friday and our annual Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday, but on Sunday we will celebrate Easter with two identical Morning Worship Services...

          Celebrate Easter

          03.18.18 | by Keith Russell

          TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY we will celebrate Easter. It is the most glorious day of the year! Although we gather to celebrate the risen Savior every Lord’s Day, there is something special about Easter Sunday. For the last few years, we have celebrated...

            Ingredients of Growing Churches

            03.11.18 | by Keith Russell

            ALMOST SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, John Bisagno, longtime pastor of the First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, published an article called The Five Ingredients of Growing Churches. He reported the information that was gathered from the 25 fastest-growing...