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    Welcome to Mother's Day

    05.12.19 | by Keith Russell

    WELCOME TO MOTHER’S DAY at Westside! I want to thank all of you moms for celebrating this special day with us. You are special to us and special to God! At the close of our worship service we want to present you with a gift which is a small token...

      Westside Mission Statement

      05.05.19 | by Keith Russell

      THE WESTSIDE MISSION STATEMENT IS, “Connecting all generations to Jesus, one person at a time, for worship, community, and service.” I encourage you to memorize that statement! Get it in your head and in your heart. Let it become what guides you...

        These Are Exciting Days

        04.28.19 | by Keith Russell

        THESE ARE EXCITING DAYS AT WESTSIDE! Last Sunday morning we met for the last time in our Worship Center as it was moved into in December of 1989. On Monday morning the renovation began. The pews that welcomed those who sat to hear the Word of God...

          Welcome to Easter Sunday

          04.21.19 | by Keith Russell

          WELCOME TO EASTER SUNDAY AT WESTSIDE! This is always a wonderful day and I am delighted that you have chosen to share it with us. This is the day that we celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive! Of course, we celebrate that every day and every...

            Welcome Rick Miracle

            04.14.19 | by Keith Russell

            WANT TO WELCOME Rick Miracle to the Westside pulpit. Rick and his wife Mary joined Westside in 2007. Rick joined our staff in 2008, where he serves as our Executive Pastor. Rick works with the church finances, meets with our Educational Staff...