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    Our Mission Statement

    02.16.20 | by Keith Russell

    IF I GAVE YOU A BLANK 3X5 CARD and asked you to write the Mission Statement of Westside Baptist Church on it, could you do it? Be honest! Could you write it “word perfect?” If you are not a member of WBC, I would not expect you to be able to...

      Kirk Cameron is Coming

      02.09.20 | by Keith Russell

      ANOTHER SUPER SUNDAY has come and gone. It was a super day of studying God’s Word, worshipping God’s Son, and fellowshipping with God’s people. Of course, I’m talking about the WBC version of Super Sunday, not the NFL version of Super Sunday. I...

        Welcome to Super Sunday

        02.02.20 | by Keith Russell

        WELCOME TO SUPER SUNDAY at Westside! Whether you are a first time guest or a long time member, I am glad you are here today. I want to encourage you to enjoy all the activities of the day; from the Super Connection Groups through the Super...

          Next Sunday is Super Sunday

          01.26.20 | by Keith Russell

          NEXT SUNDAY IS SUPER SUNDAY! I hope you are excited about that. Super Sunday at Westside has nothing to do with the Super Bowl, but everything to do with reaching people for Jesus. It will not be a Super Sunday just because we call it Super...

            Church Attendance is Declining

            01.19.20 | by Keith Russell

            LAST SUNDAY MORNING I meant to mention during my message an article I read called, “10 Reasons Why Church Attendance Is Declining.” I did not have time to mention it, so I want to share it with you here and a brief comment about each. Some of the...