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    Looking at 2020

    12.15.19 | by Keith Russell

    I AM LOOKING AT MY CALENDAR…for 2020. I know, Christmas hasn’t arrived, and you haven’t even bought a New Year’s Eve party hat. But 2020 is coming! Last September our staff went on our annual Staff Planning Retreat. Our theme was “2020...

      Jacksonville Christmas Celebration

      12.08.19 | by Keith Russell

      THE FINAL PERFORMANCE of the Jacksonville Christmas Celebration is tonight at 6 p.m. Our music and media ministries have done a wonderful job of sharing the real message of Christmas through music and drama. You will want to be here. You will...

        Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

        12.01.19 | by Keith Russell

        LOTTIE MOON IS A FAMILIAR NAME to those who grew up in Southern Baptist Churches. Lottie was a small lady with a big heart for a lost world. On September 1, 1873, she went to China to serve as a missionary. The need was large, but the financial...


          11.24.19 | by Keith Russell

          I WANT TO WELCOME YOU to the Westside Thanksgiving Celebration. This is a day that I have been looking forward to for a long time. It’s going to be a great day! I want to encourage you to participate in everything that is happening today. The...

            Last Opportunity

            11.17.19 | by Keith Russell

            THIS IS MY LAST OPPORTUNITY to press upon you the urgency I feel in my heart about next Sunday. We are calling it The Westside Thanksgiving Celebration. That “urgency” is coming from two points: One is an urgency about our church and the other is...