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    Welcome to Easter Sunday

    04.21.19 | by Keith Russell

    WELCOME TO EASTER SUNDAY AT WESTSIDE! This is always a wonderful day and I am delighted that you have chosen to share it with us. This is the day that we celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive! Of course, we celebrate that every day and every...

      Welcome Rick Miracle

      04.14.19 | by Keith Russell

      WANT TO WELCOME Rick Miracle to the Westside pulpit. Rick and his wife Mary joined Westside in 2007. Rick joined our staff in 2008, where he serves as our Executive Pastor. Rick works with the church finances, meets with our Educational Staff...

        Welcome to April!

        04.07.19 | by Keith Russell

        WELCOME TO APRIL! Every Sunday in April is going to be exciting, beginning with today. I want to encourage you to make a commitment that you will not miss a single Sunday this month. If you want to know what is happening in your church, that is...

          There is a Difference

          03.31.19 | by Keith Russell

          THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between April 21 and April 28 (besides the obvious). April 21 is Easter Sunday. April 28 is Renovation Sunday. Although there are some similarities between the days, there are also some differences. The April 21 schedule is...

            Welcome to Spring!

            03.25.19 | by Keith Russell

            WELCOME TO SPRING! I like spring. I like the warmer weather. I like getting outside to work in the yard. I like the sound of a baseball popping in a glove or cracking (not pinging!) on a bat. I like pretty much everything about spring except the...