2019 Year of Evangelism

01.06.19 | by Keith Russell

2019 Year of Evangelism

    WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF EVANGELISM! For the last few years we have given each year a point of emphasis. 2017 was The Year of Prayer. 2018 was The Year of Discipleship. 2019 is going to be The Year of Evangelism. The emphasis is going to be on reaching the lost with the gospel. Although that is always our main emphasis, it will be even more so this year!

    I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER WAY to begin The Year of Evangelism than by celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Westside Baptist Church. In mid-December, I met for about an hour with Reverend O.E. Boals. He was the Pastor of Woodstock Park Baptist Church when they decided to begin a mission in the Normandy Village area that eventually became Westside Baptist Church. Pastor Boals said, “Our emphasis was on reaching the lost.” Evangelism is our birthright! From the get-go this church was commissioned to reach the lost.

    I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER PERSON to preach this morning than Dr. Harold Hudson. Brother Harold was Pastor of this church from 1973-1996. His emphasis was evangelism. Souls were saved when he preached the Word. Souls were saved as he did personal evangelism. Under Brother Harold’s leadership the altars were filled, the baptistry waters were stirred, the Sunday School grew, and buildings were built. I know that you will welcome him, pray for him, and hear him gladly as he preaches the Word this morning.

    I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER PERSON to encourage us through music than Jim Law. Jim served as Minister of Music and Associate Pastor during his years at Westside. He is a native of Jacksonville and still drops in to worship with us on occasion. I may have to twist his arm to get him to lead some music today, but his very presence will be an encouragement to us all.

    I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER PLACE to be today than at Westside Baptist Church. I hope you will attend both worship services and stay for the All-Church Fellowship following the Evening Service. You will be blessed if you will!