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    Who Are You Bringing?

    01.21.18 | by Keith Russell

    WHO ARE YOU BRINGING to Westside on Super Sunday? Two weeks from today, February 4, we will celebrate Super Sunday. Our Super Sunday celebration will not be determined by who is playing in the Super Bowl later that day. To a large degree, our...

      Super Sunday is Coming!

      01.14.18 | by Keith Russell

      SUPER SUNDAY IS COMING! In just three weeks, February 4, we will celebrate one of the greatest days in our church each year. Many of you know about Super Sunday at Westside, but some of you do not. So, let me take a minute to explain why and how...

        Attributes of the Athlete

        01.07.18 | by Keith Russell

        THE APOSTLE PAUL WAS A SPORTS FAN. That should resonate with many of you! He often compared the Christian life to an athletic event. The goal of an athlete is fitness, but the goal of a Christian is Christlikeness. In Philippians 3:12-16, Paul...

          Happy New Year

          12.31.17 | by Keith Russell

          IN JUST A FEW HOURS the curtain will fall on 2017. It will become a part of history. It will become a place of memories. IN JUST A FEW HOURS the curtain will rise on 2018. It will come with lots of opportunities. It will be welcomed with dreams...

            It's Christmas Eve

            12.24.17 | by Keith Russell

            IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! According to Webster an eve is “the period just prior to some event.” An eve is a day of anticipation and expectation. The next day is the big event, but the eve is the day that you know you are at the edge of something BIG...