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    Church Attendance is Declining

    01.19.20 | by Keith Russell

    LAST SUNDAY MORNING I meant to mention during my message an article I read called, “10 Reasons Why Church Attendance Is Declining.” I did not have time to mention it, so I want to share it with you here and a brief comment about each. Some of the...

      Super Sunday is Coming

      01.12.20 | by Keith Russell

      SUPER SUNDAY IS COMING! On Sunday, February 2, we will celebrate Super Sunday. For those of you who are longtime members of Westside, you know exactly what that means. For those of you who are new to Westside, you have no idea what that means...

        Welcome to 2020

        01.05.20 | by Keith Russell

        WELCOME TO WESTSIDE and welcome to 2020! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s, but it is time to get things started in 2020. This is the Year of Worship. You have started the year right by being here for worship on the first Sunday...

          Welcome John Sullivan

          12.29.19 | by Keith Russell

          IT IS MY JOY TO WELCOME Dr. John Sullivan back to Westside! I knew “of” Dr. Sullivan long before I personally met him. He was one of the parliamentarians for the Southern Baptist Convention annual meetings during the days of the conservative...

            Merry Christmas

            12.22.19 | by Keith Russell

            “HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!” I just wanted to say that early in case some of you are leaving town this week. Schools are out, Christmas is three days away, and some of you will be heading to grandma’s house! In fact, some have already left. Since...