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    Work Rest Worship

    08.18.19 | by Keith Russell

    THE HEADLINE ASKED A QUESTION: Is Sunday Still Special? Well, it is to me. But to most Americans, no. Sunday is just another day. Most businesses are open. Sporting events from professional to little league are going on. Yard work is being done...

      Easter in September

      08.11.19 | by Keith Russell

      EASTER IN SEPTEMBER. Huh? That’s what I’m praying for and working for on the day we move back into our renovated Worship Center. Easter is the most exciting day of the year. The attendance is huge. The Connection Group rooms are filled. The...

        Welcome to August!

        08.04.19 | by Keith Russell

        WELCOME TO AUGUST! I turned the page on my calendar last Thursday and got excited about what I saw. August is a transition month. Summer is coming to a close. School is about to start. Fall is on the horizon. This has been a summer of transition...

          It's A New Day

          07.28.19 | by Keith Russell

          IT’S A NEW DAY! It won’t be long until the renovation to the Worship Center is complete. I don’t know about you, but I am ready! It has been fine worshipping in the Family Life Center with overflow in the Teachey Chapel, but I am ready to get...

            Nine 'Without's' That Get in the Way

            07.21.19 | by Keith Russell

            CHUCK LAWLESS IS DEAN OF DOCTRINAL STUDIES at Southeastern Seminary. He recently posted an article titled, “Nine ‘withouts’ that get in the way of a growing church.” I have shortened some of them. You can read the entire article at chucklawless.com.