Renew ReNew Commitment

Sunday, March 18, 2018, 12:00 AM

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In March of 2015, our church embarked on a journey to remodel and expand certain areas of our campus. At that time it was stated “…. these projects will help us perform our stated mission of ‘Connecting all generations to Jesus, one person at a time.’” Those areas included the following:

• New Audio, Seating, Visual & Lighting, Carpet, Restrooms (vestibule area), Air Handler.

• Replace the Roof, Carpet, Audio & Visual, Pews.

• Build a Portico that would provide protection during inclement weather and provide a “front entrance” to our church.

• Develop the Vineyard property for our Children’s Recreation Ministry (primarily soccer and flag football). 

• Repaving and Restriping

Through the generous financial support of many members over the past three years, we have been able to accomplish the following:
• Replace the audio in the Worship Center;
• Build a beautiful Portico and repave the front entry entry parking area;
• Totally remodel the Teachey Chapel area (new metal roof, pews, lighting, audio & visual, bathroom fixtures, and paint);
• Begin construction at the Vineyard (fill dirt brought in, bulkhead, sprinkler system, grass planted, fenced  the property).

Financial Picture
In March of 2015, we raised close to $400,000 toward ReNew. Many also committed to contribute to ReNew over the following three years. To date, we have raised (in total) over $1,400,000. There are enough funds designated for ReNew to complete the Vineyard project, but we will be unable to complete the remodel of the Worship Center and repave & restripe the Parking Lot (our original goal was to raise $2,500,000). 

Renew ReNew
On March 11th and 18th, we are asking our church membership to prayerfully consider a “re-commitment” to ReNew through a one-time offering and an 18-month pledge campaign. For many, this will be a continuation of what you have done over the past three years. For others, this may be your first opportunity to contribute to this worthy effort. It is our hope that each member of Westside will participate in Renew ReNew, allowing us to complete our remaining projects. Note the goal is to raise enough money to complete the renovation of the Worship Center and repave & restripe our Parking Lot. Included in this packet is a Commitment Card and an envelope. If you plan to participate, simply fill out the Commitment Card, put it in the provided envelope and place it in the offering plate on March 11th or 18th.