Shawn Heimbach Camp Scholarship Application

Shawn Heimbach was a young man who grew up at Westside. He was full of life, loved the Lord, loved Westside Baptist Church, and loved camp. He looked forward to going each year, and wished all kids could attend so they would participate in the wonderful learning experience he enjoyed.

Shawn died at the age of sixteen from cancer on June 2, 2000. The “ Shawn Heimbach Memorial Camp Fund”  was established to  enable those who need financial assistance to experience the joy of camp.

Summer camp is a wonderful experience for students where they enjoy fun, discipleship and growth.

Funds have been made available so a student, who otherwise could not enjoy this experience, can have the full benefits of Westside’s camping ministries. These funds are made possible through designated donations to the scholarship fund. Because these funds were given by individuals who desire that their investment in young lives be worthwhile, Westside Baptist Church  is careful to determine that scholarships are only provided where there is a legitimate need. Families should not feel hesitant to request assistance if it is needed, as one of the functions of a church is to share with each other when necessary.

To insure that we are good stewards of these funds, we request that you complete this application. We have found most families can have a part in funding their student’s camping experience. Full scholarships are not available.

Please honestly consider how much of the camp fee you can pay and indicate it on this form. This application must be accompanied by a completed and signed camp registration form, any required paperwork and the required deposit.

You will be notified regarding the status of your application. If you have any questions,  please contact  the church office at 781-0618.

Shawn Heimbach Camp Fund Application



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Required deposit $50