Family Field Day

Family Field Day

Sunday, April 28, 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Register you and your family today! 

Family Field Day is an event designed for young families. There will be pizza, boiled peanuts, and drinks for everyone. Those who register for the competition will be sorted into teams and will spend the first half of the event rotating through the different games to score points for their team. This competition will remind you of those field days you had as a kid.

Competition events will include relay races, throwing and scoring games, and timed teamwork games. After all the teams have rotated through the competition events, we will tally the score to see who the winning team is.  There will be a Bible message from our Young Adult Pastor, Ryan Frontz. Then, we will have organized games for teens and children on the upper and lower fields. 

You can still enjoy the evening if you decide not to compete in the field day games. You can play cornhole, conversate with your friends while eating  boiled peanuts, or you can cheer on the families as they compete.

Registration is only necessary for those participating in the field day competition.