Youth Winter Retreat 2022

Youth Winter Retreat 2022

Friday, January 07, 2022 - Saturday, January 08, 2022

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We are going to Trinity Camp and Retreat Center January 7-8, 2022. The total cost for this trip is $65. This includes lodging for one night, dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch & dinner on Saturday.  We are pumped about this and cannot wait to spend time with your student!

Here are the details: by December 1, 2021 we need a $50 deposit for anyone who is going on the trip. The deposit can be dropped off at the church office to Melissa LaRochelle by 4:30 pm that day. We will need a new 2022 Medical Release & medication form signed and turned in before January 7th. The remaining balance is due on January 5, 2022!

For any questions please contact Jason Lynch. You can also call us at the church office (904-781-0618).

Looking forward to an awesome time!


Winter Retreat 2022

Students Information

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Parent(s) Information

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Release Form

My child wishes to participate in the Winter Retreat to Trinity Camp and Retreat Center  (TCRC) in Melrose, FL.  Parents will drop off their child at TCRC on January 7th at 5:15pm. Parents will return to pick up their child at TCRC on January 8th at 5:15pm to participate in worship with us.

As a parent of a student at Westside Baptist Church, I acknowledge that my child must comply with all of the church rules and regulations.

I also agree that I have made my child aware that in the event it becomes necessary to send him/her home I, as the parent, or another responsible adult will be picking him/her up prior to the conclusion of the trip. I agree to take full responsibility and release Westside Baptist Church from liability in the event it becomes necessary to send my child home prior to the conclusion of the trip.

I understand and accept the terms of this permission form, have explained it to my child, and agree to comply with the above terms.