Westside Baptist Church
Friday, July 21, 2017
Connecting People to Jesus, One Person at a Time

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Welcome to Westside!


It has been my privilege to give that cheery greeting since January of 1997. I consider it a real privilege to serve as the Senior Pastor of Westside Baptist Church. It is my deep joy to introduce you to the church that God has called me to serve.  If you want to get to know us, you need to get to know three words: worship, walk, witness.



We believe that God wants all people to worship Him. Each Lord’s Day we gather to worship the God who made heaven and earth.  Our worship includes, but is not limited to, the preaching of God’s Word, praise through a variety of styles of music, praying individually and collectively, giving of our finances, surrendering to His will, and departing to do what He has told us to do. We desire to live every day in worship of Jesus!


We believe that God wants His people to walk like His children. One of Paul’s favorite words to describe the Christian life is walk.  The word describes the lifestyle of a believer. Believers ought to have a distinctive walk. God expects His children to have a different lifestyle than those who do not know Him. The best way to learn how God wants you to walk is by studying His Word. The best place to study His Word is in a Sunday School class.


We believe that God expects every believer to be a witness. A witness is someone who tells what he knows to be true. Our main task as believers is to tell others what Jesus has done in our lives. The priority of our church is to introduce people to Jesus. If you do not know for certain that you have eternal life, I encourage you to go to the link that will show you how you can know Jesus personally. In a real sense, our church exists primarily for those who are not yet members!


Thank you for visiting our website. I invite you to check us out on the web and to check us out personally. You are welcome to join us as we endeavor to worship, walk and witness.


Dr. Keith Russell

Senior Pastor

Westside Baptist Church